Metamorphosis Course – FAQ

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What language is the course ‘Metamorphosis’ conducted in?
The course is conducted in English.
What content is covered in the ‘Metamorphosis’ course?
Key topics covered in this transformative program include but not limited to:
  • Navigate life’s roles with insight and intention.
  • Enhance consciousness for elevated self-awareness.
  • Harness personal traits as sources of strength.
  • Blueprint your life for visionary achievement.
  • Shatter norms with unconventional goal-setting.
  • Unlock skill development secrets for standout abilities.
  • Master time with advanced management techniques.
  • Forge lasting success with innovative habit-building skills.
  • Unlock multilingual capabilities with unique language acquisition frameworks.
  • Amplify memory with advanced, effective methodologies.
  • Boost comprehension and speed with expert reading strategies….and so much more awaiting your discovery!
Can I access the course and watch lessons even after the course duration of 12 months?

Access to the course lessons and other related resources is permitted only during the course duration of 12 months, with an additional 1 month for revision of any missed content. Following this period, access will be automatically revoked. It is highly recommended that students maintain thorough notes for future reference.

I could not complete my lessons in a timely manner. What should I do now?
In case of missed lessons, it is advised to catch up by viewing 2-3 lessons per week and keeping detailed notes. Students who fail to complete their coursework by the end of the course duration must re-register and start from the beginning. To ensure the full benefit and impact of the course, it should be followed sequentially from week 1 as per the instructions provided.
Can I take a break from the course ‘Metamorphosis’ and re-join to resume later?

There is no option to take a break from the course and re-join to resume later.

Students who fall behind must catch up with their work by watching 2-3 lessons per week, taking down notes for future reference as they go.

Students who do not complete their work by the end of the course duration will have to re-register for the course and do the lessons from the beginning.

Unfortunately, for you to have the proper impact and benefit of this journey, it must be followed weekly from week 1, in the given order properly as instructed in the lessons.

Can I stop the current ‘Metamorphosis’ course progress and restart from the beginning?

Requests to cancel current course access and restart the course from the beginning can be accommodated. However, note that refunds are not provided as it is at the discretion of the student to withdraw from the ongoing course and restart. It is strongly recommended for students to complete their current enrolment within the specified duration.

How is the weekly lesson schedule structured?

Lessons are delivered in the form of pre-recorded videos on a weekly basis, providing flexibility to view them at a time convenient to you within the week. On the release of a new lesson, an email notification is sent to your registered email address. If you do not receive this, please check your Spam, Updates, and Promotions folders. Our student support service can assist with any issues encountered during the course period.

How long should I spend on the lessons taught in the course ‘Metamorphosis’?

How long should I spend on the lessons taught in the course ‘Metamorphosis’?

You should require about 30-40 mins per week to watch the weekly lesson.

In addition to that, you will need 30 mins a day during the first half of the course and about 60 mins a day for the second half of the course to do the activities suggested in the lessons.

How to send queries related to the course ‘Metamorphosis’?

If you are a student who is already registered for the course, you must send your queries via the email address that you registered for the course. If you send your questions from another email address other than the one you registered for the course, we are unable to provide proper assistance due to our security protocols.

Please send your questions to the designated email channels below:

All the general queries related to the course to:

All the technical issues to:

You will be given the email address designated to send questions related to lessons once you joined the course and when you visit your course lessons.

Please refrain from sending the same question multiple times to all the email addresses, that will only delay us responding as we have to check all your outstanding emails in all support channels before responding.

Can I have assistance/counselling for my personal issues from Mr. Randika Wijesinghe by sending them to Intellect Initiative Student Support Service email addresses?

All emails sent to the Intellect Initiative Support are initially screened by the Student Support Team. Queries directly related to the course lessons are escalated to Mr. Randika Wijesinghe. Other issues are addressed by the Support Team. Any communications unrelated to the course or lessons will not be directed to Mr. Wijesinghe or addressed by the Support Team, as these channels are committed to offering assistance related to Intellect Initiative’s services and courses.

Please do not take this the wrong way, we do appreciate your non-course related questions and communications, but we must prioritise in allocating our limited resources to the services that we are committed to provide through Intellect Initiative. (Refer to our student communication policy here:

However, if you want to receive exclusive private consultation, then you can express your interest here:

Can I receive assistance for the lessons that are taught in the course Metamorphosis even after the course period ended?

We can provide assistance for the questions related to the course content only during the course duration, hence we encourage all students to obtain clarifications for any questions you have related to the lessons while you are still active and before your lessons come to completion.

This is because we must prioritise the active students who are currently going through their journey on ‘Metamorphosis’.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course ‘Metamorphosis’?

Upon successful completion of the ‘Metamorphosis’ program, participants will receive a digital certificate confirming their accomplishment. This issuance, however, is contingent upon a comprehensive evaluation of several key indicators that assess the level of your engagement and participation throughout the course.

It’s important to emphasize that simply enrolling in the program does not guarantee the receipt of a certificate at the end of the twelve-month duration. The certification is specifically awarded to students who demonstrate active engagement and fulfil the program’s requirements.

I completed the active course duration of ‘Metamorphosis’ once. Can I redo the same course again?

You can re-register and join the same course again even if you have been on the same course in the past.

However, you will be considered a repeating student and will be charged the total course fee when you re-register to redo the course again.

Lesson Related

Why have not I received this week’s lesson yet?
Usually, you should receive the weekly lesson based on the date you registered for the course. This could delay in 1 additional day at the beginning. When a new lesson is released, you should receive an email notification to your registered email address notifying that a new lesson is available for you.

If you do not receive this email, please check all sections of your email including Spam folder, Updates tab and Promotions tab.
Intellect Initiative student support service is available to assist you via emails for any issue you may face during the course period.
If you still have not received your new lesson after 8 days of receiving your previous week’s lesson, please send us an email via
My course is active, but I am unable to view the lessons. Why is that?

Most of the time, video playback errors occur due to some issue with the client’s browser or the operating system being out of date.

Please try the following methods if you are unable to view the lessons even though your course is active. 

  • Log off from the Intellect Initiative account, close your browser, and restart your device. Log back in and try again.
  • If you have an

Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, etc), please try to watch the lessons using the Safari browser and make sure you are running the latest version of that browser.

  • For android devices try Google Chrome and make sure you are running the latest version of that browser.
  • Windows PC -> try Chrome or Firefox and make sure you are running the latest version of those browsers.
  • If the issue persists, it also could be due to a browser extension you might have installed into your browser such as Ad Block.
  • If it’s still not working and you are using a mobile device, please check if your device OS is up to date.
  • Clear all browser cache and disable any extensions or plugins you might have installed.

After trying all this and if you still have the issue, please let us know with a screenshot of the error via

Payment Related

Why have I been charged multiple times of the course fee?
If you register to the same course more than one time, you will be charged for the number of times that you kept registering for the course.
If the course fee has already been deducted from your bank account, please refrain from re-registering as this will initiate the course fees again. If there are any account access issues after you have made the payment, please inform us via without re-registering again.
If this has happened already by your mistake, please inform us via within 3 business days of the additional payment for us to sort that out for you.
Why have I been charged more than what should be converted for USD 195 in my country’s currency for the course ‘Metamorphosis’?

Kindly note, the currency amount charged by your bank per USD 1 depends on your bank’s foreign exchange rate which fluctuates daily. We have no control over that.
Your bank’s foreign exchange rate could be different from the rates you may see on the internet.

The payments for the course ‘Metamorphosis’ are done by Stripe’s secure payments system and it only charges USD 195 per registration.

Please contact your bank for the currency conversion/exchange rate and more information. Do not hesitate to let us know if you need further assistance.

I cannot register to the course ‘Metamorphosis’ using my bank card. Why is that?

If you cannot register using your bank card, please inform us with a screenshot of the error via

Do you only accept credit cards for payments?

You can use credit cards or debit cards for payments.

How can I pay with USD? My bank account only holds my country’s currency.

It should not be an issue. If your bank card is activated to make foreign payments over the internet, it will automatically do the currency conversion to USD when you make the payment.

You will see the amount in your currency that is equivalent to the USD amount paid in your bank statement. You can know more information on the foreign exchange rate from your bank.

Can I pay in my country’s currency rather than in USD?

We have set up our payments only in USD to keep all payments in one standardised currency hence unfortunately there is no option to make payments in another currency.

Is the payment method safe? Can Intellect Initiative staff can see all my card details?

The payment gate we have integrated is Stripe, because of the highest security measures they have implemented on their system.

Your payment information is not stored anywhere in Intellect Initiative website. Your payment details are stored in Stripe’s secured platform.

We can only see your email address, the last 4 digits of your card number, the country of origin and some basic information only.

You can see more information on Stripe via the link below.